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The Extra Mile

The Extra Mile initiative was formed by academics of the READ (Research, Education, AIDS and Disabilty) group in cooperation with QAK (the Quadpara Association of  KwaZulu-Natal). It aims to raise awareness and funds for disability using open water swimming events. The initiative is driven by the idea that everyone can make a difference and “go the extra mile”. Currently the innitative supports a wheelchair inniative of the Quadpara Association of  KwaZulu-Natal and the rehabilitation center Khetiwe


Come and meet us a the dolphin mile 2014 or at Midmar Mile 2015.


Please support us with your mile dedications or donate to:

QuadPara-Association KZN, Reference: Extra Mile

Nedbank, Pinetown branch 198765 (or 133926),

Account number:  2336015609





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