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Join The Extra Mile

You can join The Extra Mile initiative through dedicating your mile, becoming an ambassador of the Extra Mile or donating funds to our chosen projects.


Dedicate your mile

Join one of our events. You can choose to swim the next Midmar Mile and simply dedicate these miles to us. Or you can help us on our stand at the events, donate a hamper or connect us to possible donors. Be sure to come and meet us at our table at the next Midmar Mile before or after your swim.


Become an ambassador

Enter one of our events and literally “go the Extra Mile” by helping us raise funds for our projects, agreeing to speak to the media or by highlighting and publicising The Extra Mile using your special skills and contacts. If you would like to be an ambassador Sebastian Crawford.

Donate funds towards The Extra Mile

Please contact us or make a direct donation to:
QuadPara Association of KZN
Branch 198765  (or 133926)
Acc. # 2336015609
Reference: “name&extramile”

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Contact Us

Saul Cobbing - Dedication of Miles

Jill Hanass-Hancock - Ambassador

Verusia Chetty - Events

Nicole Fynn - Donations

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